HETEROSEXUAL: Sexual attraction to people in the other intercourse.

HETEROSEXUAL: Sexual attraction to people in the other intercourse.

HETEROSEXUAL: Sexual attraction to people in the other intercourse.

HOMOSEXUAL: intimate attraction to people of equivalent sex (homosexual). HORNY: intimately tense; looking for sexual joy.

HUNG: relates to a guy with a big penis.

HWP: Height-Weight Proportionate; somebody who are at their body that is ideal fat.

INDOOR/INDOOR SPORTS: moving tasks as a whole.

ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT FRIENDSHIP: Seeks a swinging relationship that features psychological and leisure values free nude cam sites.

IRL: In real world; Used in ads or chat that is online.

ISO: In Search Of; Applied in adverts; MWC ISO Solitary Female.

LEATHER-BASED: A fetish; intimate stimulation through the putting on or pressing of fabric or leather-based clothes.

LESBIAN: a lady sexually and emotionally drawn to other ladies.

LIFE: another real means of saying “swinger. ”

LS: Brief for “lifestyle. ”

LTR: Long Haul Relationship.

MARITAL AIDS: Dildos, vibrators, as well as other products useful for sexual joy of self as well as others.

MASOCHISM: intimate gratification through obtaining pain and humiliation from other people.

MASTER/SLAVE: Participants in a bondage and control relationship that is sexual.

MATROOM: room put aside for team sex. Principally an eastern term that is USsee team space).

MEET FOR PLEASURE: Will satisfy for moving intercourse; no pretense for social or psychological connection in a roundabout way linked to activity that is sexual.

MENAGE A’ TROIS: Three people, two of just one sex, one of several contrary intercourse in an interaction that is swinging.

MORESOMES: significantly more than three individuals in an interaction that is swinging. (see Group Sex).

MUTUAL MASTURBATION: Masturbating when you look at the existence of somebody else.

NASCA: The Us Swing Club Association. An association of swing groups and publications to advertise moving given that viable and lifestyle that is beneficial is.

NEWCOMERS: brand New people in moving; First-timers.

NONSMOKER: Doesn’t smoke cigarettes. If found in individual advertising means just those that usually do not smoke are desired for swinging purposes.

NSA: no strings connected, this is certainly solely for intercourse

OFF-PREMISE: No swinging occurs in the club or party; you meet and also make your arrangements that are own. Ideal for newcomers.

OPEN DOOR/ OPEN SWINGING: a few moving with another few in identical space; Several or all participating partners together into the room that is same. No less than privacy.

ORGY: intimate conversation among a few both women and men in identical space; Complete lack of inhibition in every person participating; group intercourse.

CELEBRATION: Gathering of three or higher individuals of both sexes for moving.

CELEBRATION GARMENTS: Clothing particularly adapted for swing celebration use, Includes wear towards the ongoing party and wear to alter into through the party. The second includes robes, lingerie, terry fabric wrap-arounds as well as other easy use that is effortlessly eliminated, shows the wearer to ideal advantage and sometimes makes chosen body parts readily available for erotic courting and play.

CELEBRATION HOME (Western US): a swing that is non-membership offering a consistent routine of on-premise move parties.

PASSIVE: Quiet, submissive non-contributor, ready to receive corrective training. Docile and submissive in moving.

P/P: Photo and contact number (used in individual advertisements).

PRO: pro; in other words. Prostitutes or compensated escorts.

RECREATIONAL SWINGER: an one who practices swinging main as being a leisure diversion; perhaps perhaps not enthusiastic about developing any long haul relationship or attachment that is emotional.

DISCIPLINE: Mild bondage used in intimate fantasy enactments.

ROMAN/ROMAN COMMUNITY: Group intercourse, orgies, the party scene, etc.

RUBBER: Condom method of contraception; intimate stimulation through the look, feel and smell of rubber, often related to B&D.

SADISM: intimate gratification through inflicting pain and humiliation on other people.

SECURE: utilized to spell it out somebody who cannot conceive or impregnate; a guy who has possessed a vasectomy; Obviously or surgically sterile.

EQUAL AREA: Means a couple of is prepared to play inside the room that is same their partner.

INDIVIDUAL PLACE: implies that the few is prepared to play during the time that is same various spaces.

S&M or S/M: Sadism and Masochism.

SOLITARY: A swinger without a partner, will not reference marital status.

SOCIAL: A party, party or other gathering frequently sponsored by a swing club or mag, for swingers to satisfy and socialize. There is absolutely no moving at a social, but independently arranged swinging might have a social.

SOCIAL SWING CLUB: a move club, generally speaking personal account that gives social and swinging activities including a typical routine of on-premise move parties. They might additionally provide academic and travel tasks. Often there clearly was a membership cost and either party charges, celebration contributions or perhaps a maintenance that is regular or dues. Party attendance can be limited to partners although the status that is marital of few is hardly ever crucial.

SODOMY: Non-coital, specially anal or dental, copulation with either an reverse sex or sex partner that is same.

SOFT SWINGERS: Couples who just have sexual intercourse using their very very own partner. No swapping for sexual intercourse.

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